The Time Traveler's Wife
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesConservative readers rejoice: Karl Rove has a book club. Yes, you read that right. If Rove can have a Twitter account like all the other cool kids, why not a book club, too? The group, Karl and Clayton’s Summer Book Club, can be found on the reading website, Goodreads. Rove and Fox and Friends anchor Clayton Morris (yeah, Karl’s not doing this alone) will each submit eight books for readers’ consideration. Each week Rove and Morris’s choices will go head-to-head in a poll to determine the read of the week. Did your summer just get more exciting?

For some reason, I picture both Rove and Morris with boxing gloves on, fighting for their respective choices. I mean, they might be on the same team politically, but there’s just something about politics and boxing that really resonates with me. Unfortunately, I’ll have to settle for the online polls. But I think we can all agree a book-themed boxing match would be much more interesting.

The group is currently reading Foreign Influence by Brad Thor. Am I the only one who just yawned reading the title? But more interestingly, it beat out The Time Traveler’s Wife. Which definitely begs the questions of which guy suggested which book. Let’s all take a moment to ponder that thought. Long pause.

I wonder how long it will take before Rove’s memoir Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight* makes it on the list. What do you think? Would you join this book club? More than 300 people already have. And what political pundits would you want in your book club? Sound off below.

*See! Boxing!