If there’s one thing that Jennifer Aniston has no doubt learned, it’s that topless shots get buzz. (Okay, that’s not exactly one of life’s great mysteries.) But there appears to be a legitimate reason why she’s half-nude in the gorgeous black-and-white promo shots advertising her new perfume, Lolavie, which will be sold exclusively at Harrods. “I am not a big perfume-y fragrance fan,” she told the Daily Mail. “I want people to go, ‘What is that?’ ‘You smell great!’ But most of all, I wanted it to smell natural.” Topless in one of her favorite holiday spots = natural.

I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a perfume bottle with Jennifer Aniston’s name on it, but it is the first celebrity scent I’ve had an urge to sniff in a while. If you’ve flipped through the March 2010 Architectural Digest cover story on her home, you know she takes her artistic collaborations seriously and is telling the truth when she says she was involved with the scent’s development every step of the way. I feel like she would create a scent that light enough to float to the ceiling of a room, whereas, say, Britney Spears, who’s announced her new scent, Radiance, would create one strong enough to mask an odor. Are you tempted to smell Aniston’s signature scent?

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