By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated July 16, 2010 at 08:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThere’s nothing more thrilling than starting a Twitter. Ugh. Okay, I recognize the overstatement. Rewind: There are a lot of things more thrilling than starting a Twitter. Nevertheless, what’s more thrilling than starting a Twitter is watching my “follower” numbers climb. I’ll admit I need the validation.

Then a post over at Wonderwall got me thinking. Celebrity Tweeters were asked which other celebrity they wish followed their updates. Of all the answers, I thought James Van Der Beek gave the smartest response — he wished the Dalai Lama would follow him. If His Holiness suddenly started caring about my TV line-up, I would start referring to him “My follower, the Dalai Lama.” I really don’t think I’d need any more validation than that. (FYI – In case you’re curious, he follows no one.)

Religious leaders aside, I’d probably be most excited if Anthony Edwards started to follow me on my newly created @EWSandraG. (Shameless self promotion? Of course.) Actually, I think I’d be more thrilled to have him as a follower if he Tweeted as Dr. Greene. “Going to meet Doug for lunch at Doc Magoo’s. He’ll probably whine about Carol some more.” “Saving lives. So MUCH BLOOD!”

As for actual human beings, I would have said NY1 morning anchor Pat Kiernan, who sneers not at covering subjects close to PopWatch’s heart, like heavage. But then I got notification this morning that he’s already following me (…and I nearly died from joy). Which brings my list of dream followers down to one person: Hart Hanson, creator of Bones. If I’m going to have a mutual Twitter connection with someone, I want a consistent Tweeter who is funny and can provide good answers to tough and stupid questions alike.

What about you, @EWReaders? Which Tweeting celeb/director/personality/showrunner/etc. would you like among your followers?

(Oh, and you should follow Twitter newbie @EWDarrenFranich, too. I guess.)