Is it still slightly jarring to read the words “From the acclaimed director of Gone Baby Gone” in reference to Ben Affleck? Maybe. But get over it. The trailer for The Town shows he’s got himself another gritty tale set in Boston, which he knows so well he makes you feel like a local before the preview ends. He stars as Doug, one of the chillingly-masked robbers who took a book manager (Rebecca Hall) hostage. She has no idea that the charming guy who’s taking her mind off the trauma is one of the bad guys. With an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) determined to see him die in prison, and his boys (including The Hurt Locker Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner) refusing to let him leave the game or believe that his new girlfriend can’t trace them, the heart of Doug’s young ex-girlfriend (Blake Lively) isn’t the only thing that’s gonna get broken. Watch the trailer below. Are you as hopeful as I am?