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Summer Blockbusters: The New Generation

Summer movies are a lot like summer songs: It’s impossible to separate a quintessential one from the way you first experienced it. Seen in that light, though, the summer movies of the past 20 years have kind of gotten short shrift. Everyone who is old enough remembers where they were, who they were with, and what it felt like the first time they saw Jaws or Star Wars or Batman, the movie that inaugurated the age of marketing as mass-media carpet bombing. (Batman also demonstrated that just because a film is sold as fast food doesn’t mean it can’t be an enthralling work of pop art.) But how about the first time you saw Ghost? Or Jurassic Park? Or Armageddon or The Blair Witch Project or My Best Friend’s Wedding? I’m talking about the summer movie of the past 20 years that truly defines you. — Owen Gleiberman

Soundbites: Emmy Nominations Edition

”The pressure will be to keep it in the same vein, to make sure that it remains a quality show, and that we don’t get lazy. But that would happen with or without a nomination.” — Julianna Margulies, dramatic-actress nominee for The Good Wife

”One of my competitors is a show co-executive-produced by Ryan Seacrest, which I feel is further proof that he and Oprah are systematically out to get me….The two of them are just slowly taking over the universe.” — Kathy Griffin, whose My Life on the D-List earned an Outstanding Reality Program nom

”I cannot wait to get back to work, and nothing but the fiery gates of hell could keep me from portraying Sheldon again.” — Comedy-actor nominee Jim Parsons, on The Big Bang Theory contract renegotiations

”I’m just delighted with the Academy and less so with CBS. CBS really squandered our show; that’s the reality.” — Julia Louis-Dreyfus, comedy-actress nominee for the recently canceled The New Adventures of Old Christine Readers’ Top Summer Movies of the Past 20 Years

1 Jurassic Park 1993

It was exhilarating, terrifying, and hands down one of the greatest filmgoing experiences of my life. It remains one of my favorite movies. — Kate

2 Independence Day 1996

The majority of the theater stood up and applauded after the president’s patriotic speech. That summer was defined by that moment for me. — TnyGrl

3 The Dark Knight 2008

The [audience’s] giddy smiles were contagious. As a lifelong Batman fanatic, the movie was the one I had been waiting my entire life for. — Ryan C

4 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003

Adventure + romance + pirates – robots or vampires = a respectable popcorn blockbuster! — Katherine

5 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991

[There was] action, humor, Linda Hamilton was out of control. The buildup was great, and the payoff was even better. — Nick

6 Spider-Man 2002

The superhero movie has become cliché, but this was the first real Marvel comics blockbuster, and I ate up every second of it with delight. — Jay

What is your favorite season of Big Brother?

Season 11, 38%

Jordan won the season and found a boyfriend (Jeff); the pair went on to compete on The Amazing Race.

Season 6, 17%

Janelle led the fight against the reviled Nerd Herd.

Season 7, 16%

Mike Boogie took home the prize in this all-star season.

Season 2, 7%

Dr. Will oozed smarm or charm — depending on who you asked — and ended up winning it all.

Season 8, 5%

Formerly estranged father-daughter combo Evel Dick and Daniele dominated the game.

Publisher Zondervan just announced an unauthorized biography of Sarah Palin aimed at young readers. Speaking Up will tell the story of the ex-governor’s life as inspiration for ages 9-12. According to the Associated Press, Bristol Palin’s pregnancy won’t be included. Other likely omissions: Palin’s hunting affinities (readers of Dr. Seuss’ Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose might not like her pumping a bullet into that big heart of his) and her hand-y cheat sheets. — Keith Staskiewicz

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