In honor of Jennifer Love Hewitt's new Lifetime film, ''The Client List,'' we present our own list of TV's best hookers

By Keith Staskiewicz
Updated July 16, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Tori Spelling
Co-Ed Call Girl

Those three words — ”Lifetime Original Movie” — tell you all you need to know about this campy delight. True to form, the 1996 telefilm with the porny title was filled with perfectly overcooked drama, as Spelling’s college student turned lady of the night.

Lisa Edelstein
The West Wing

Before she was Cuddy on House, Edelstein played a high-priced call girl getting cuddly with Rob Lowe’s Sam Seaborn. The White House speechwriter may not have been aware of her real vocation at first, but hey, at least he didn’t have to pay!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss

If Pretty Woman proved anything, it’s that Hollywood loves a good prostitute story. Just not when it’s happening to them. This 2004 TV movie starred Sigler as the famed L.A. procuress, but Charlie Sheen was nowhere to be found.

Kim Dickens

Deadwood‘s brothels made the Wild West that much wilder, yet it was Joanie’s cool head and patient ambition that lent it all a patina of civility. But even she couldn’t escape the grimy viciousness of America’s meanest frontier town.

William Shatner
T.J. Hooker
Arguably the sexiest entry on our list, this Hooker somersaulted — gun drawn — his way into our hearts. Shatner traded in the Starfleet-issued mustard velour for a snug-fitting cop uniform, and protected the streets instead of walking them.