By Margaret Lyons
Updated July 16, 2010 at 10:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Philippe Bosse/NBCWhat is Kellie Martin’s iconic role? The star of tonight’s The Jensen Project (tragically unrelated to EW’s own Doc Jensen) has had some distinctive characters, but depending on your age, odds are one has stuck with you a lot more. Generation X or older? You probably still see her in giganto glasses as Becca Thatcher on Life Goes On. Gen Y, or whatever less catchy term means “younger than Gen X”? You can’t see her without screaming “don’t get stabbed!” for in some sense, she will always be ER’s Lucy Knight. A little younger and a bit squarer, and perhaps she is Mystery Woman Samantha. I’m convinced of it! Age = association.

What other actors fit this kind of model? Jeff Goldblum? Martin Sheen? What say you, PopWatchers?