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Image Credit: CBSWhat the BEEP! Oh, “Big Brother Saboteur,” we barely knew you! Sad to see our “Saboteur” leave the house tonight…I was eagerly anticipating a summer full of crazy Big Brother fan-inspired sabotage.

I think Annie played the game well, but she may have shot herself in the foot by playing too hard too soon. After tonight’s show, she told me that the moment she entered the house she started playing her game, while most of her fellow Houseguests sat back and let the game come to them. She also admittedly didn’t handle being put on the block very well and reacted too aggressively. Whatever the reasoning, her HouseMATES delivered a resounding eviction vote of 10-0. Not one vote for Rachel – THAT had to sting!

She also expressed that the game was much harder than expected and that the realization that she could not trust someone she was sharing a room with was emotionally draining. I think she was also a bit embarrassed for being the first to leave, but overall grateful for the experience.

I do give her kudos for the bold yet failed attempt to save herself by calling out Brendon for lying about his profession. That move only strengthens the disdain the “Brigade” has towards the swim coach. And she even snuck in one last sabotage before walking out…tune in on Sunday to see what she did. A “Saboteur” till the very end.

Once Annie left the studio, I was standing on the stage thinking that the “Brigade” would maintain their control of the house, but then a curveball in the form of a red-headed “Have-Nottie” snatches this week’s HOH. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Rachel goes from tag-along to leader in the blink of an eye. That’s exactly what I love about this show. Do you think her “showmance” continues or does she use her power in the game to snuggle up to a more secure player? Comments, please!

Now that the “Saboteur” has been ousted and with a new HOH in place, here are my thoughts on the current alliances inside the house. I’ve ranked the alliances in order of strength:

1) The “Brigade” Alliance (Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Matt): Despite Rachel’s victory this evening, I think they’re still running the show. But on the flip side, their moniker could be one of the weakest in 12 seasons.

2) The “Love Nerds” Alliance (Brendon and Rachel): This season’s inaugural “showmance” is hot and heavy for the time being. I think it’s safe to say that Brendon is camping out in the HOH room all week. Rachel’s victory tonight moved them from third to second place in the rankings. Both are very strong players – physically and mentally – and as Annie stated during her plea before being voted out, we could be witnessing the emergence of this season’s Jeff and Jordan.

*A quick dating tip for Brendon and all future love birds on this show — it’s probably never a good idea to ask one of your fellow Houseguests out on a date (once the show is over) while you’re still living inside the house. You never know where this game is going to take you.

3) “Arkansas’ Finest” Alliance (Britney, Kathy and Monet): Yes, I know Monet isn’t from Arkansas. I understand the regional bond between Britney and Kathy, but I’m still trying to figure out Monet’s association. Does Britney remind anyone of a younger Kathy without the badge? I predict this is the first alliance to break up.

4) Kristen and Andrew: One of the most peculiar pairings so far in my opinion. I’m still waiting for Kristen to pipe up a bit more, but maybe that’s part of her strategy. And are we starting to see hints of a second “showmance” forming between Kristen and Hayden?

5) Ragan: Poor Ragan. Either he’ll continue to be an outsider in this game or play the role of the all powerful swing vote at some point.


* We all learned during tonight’s HOH challenge that there was 330 gallons of sticky “goo” in Sunday night’s “Sweet Tooth” challenge. But did you know that there was over 1,300 pounds of popcorn!

* My personal favorite “fan-submitted sabotage” was one that suggested the “Saboteur” throw all the Houseguest’s food over the Big Brother wall. That’s called playing to win…depriving you and your fellow competitors of nourishment. I wish we could have seen that one played out.


* I love Kathy, but she really needs to lose that “Rub for Luck” shirt or at least wear something else. Wonder what her fellow officers back in Arkansas think?

* Enzo, no more sunglasses inside the house! If you’re using it as a tactic to avoid eye contact when you’re lying through your teeth that’s one thing. But I get the sense, the “Meow, Meow” simply thinks it’s cool. Love ya Enzo, but we’re not at the World Series of Poker.

* I’m not sure who was more emotional this week, Annie or Brendon. I understand Annie’s tears, but Brendon needs to man up a bit if he’s going to stay in the house.

* I’m guessing America decided Kathy was the “Saboteur” the second they saw her taking a siesta during the “Sweet Tooth” challenge. I’m not saying I could have done it either, but she may need to showcase a bit more physicality to stay in the game.

That’s all for this week. I can’t wait to see how the shift in the HOH impacts the game. Do Brendon and Rachel keep love alive; will we see a second “showmance” between Kristen and Hayden emerge; will Ragan jump into an alliance? Let me know your thoughts.

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