On last night’s Burn Notice, we presumably said goodbye to Navi Rawat’s Kendra, an assassin who finally got truly interesting when she repeatedly beat her own head on the desk during Michael and Jesse’s interrogation to prove she wasn’t going to break. The shot of her smirking as the blood oozed from the wound — more memorable than any scene that involved Moon Bloodgood’s Miami PD detective in season 3. By the end of the hour, I was almost sorry to see her go. Why haven’t we seen a great female foil for Michael on this show since Tricia Helfer’s handler Carla? Bloodgood replaced Jennifer Esposito, who had to back out of that guest spot at the last moment and maybe would have brought a playful spark. Rawat was a step in the right direction and definitely felt more lethal, but we didn’t get to experience her full wrath until the evening of her exit because she’d spent so much of her time on suggestive phone calls with Michael (Fiona: “I wish our phone conversations were as flirty.” Michael: “She threatened to kill me.” Fiona: “I can do that.”)

We know the writers can produce juicy roles for women because Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Michael’s trigger-happy on-and-off-again ex, is as showy as her wardrobe, and playing his mother, Madeline, has just earned Sharon Gless her 10th Emmy nomination. So what’s the problem? Let’s take the time to develop another female character. I don’t care which side of the law she’s on, how old she is (a sexy, powerful Helen Mirren-type who Fi doesn’t know how to handle?), or how big of a star the actress is playing her (someone like Natalie Zea provides an undeniable jolt to Justified every time she’s on-screen, whether or not you know her name). Just make me believe she has the brains to go toe-to-toe with Michael, and make sure she jumps off the screen. This show is such a fun ride. If the role is fleshed out, an actress would be a fool not to take it.

Who would be your dream female Burn Notice guest star?

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