July 16, 2010 at 06:57 PM EDT

In the mood for a blind item? Good, ’cause it’s a doozie! At the end of next season, a couple on a successful show we’re obsessed with will be getting hitched.

I know, I know — it doesn’t sound shocking. TV couples get married all the time.

But trust me when I say, um, it is a mind-blower. Why? Unfortunately, I can’t really say. If I did it would be too obvious about whom we are talking. However, I can offer you a few clues…

1. It’s a wedding I was pretty sure we would never see.

2. The bride and groom are heterosexual. (Hence, bride and groom.)

3. The network in question is either ABC, CBS, or Fox.

4. And there’s an important piece of this wedding that remains a mystery — even to me. (OK, that one may not be much of a clue. But it’s true!)

Mind you, it’s very early in the planning stages, so anything could happen. The story could be scrapped. On the other hand, all indications are that the nuptials have been approved by the higher-ups at the network.

So… for whom do the wedding bells toll? Guess away below!

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