The CW show braces for their follow up to Armageddon. Plus, scoop on ''The Office,'' ''The Good Wife,'' and ''True Blood''

By Michael Ausiello
July 16, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

How do you top Armageddon? That’s the question facing Supernatural‘s producers following the May finale that saw series creator Eric Kripke’s five-season-long end-of-days-themed arc come to a close. ”The great undiscovered country of Supernatural is creatures and monsters,” says Kripke, who is stepping down as day-to-day showrunner this coming season in favor of an advisory role (longtime EP Sera Gamble will succeed him). ”We have had so many creature episodes, but we haven’t explained where they came from.” Representing what Kripke describes as ”the other side” of this new conceit will be X-Files vet Mitch Pileggi, who will reprise his role as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) ”late” grandpa. ”Remember, it’s not the Winchesters who are famous hunters, it’s the Campbells,” says Kripke. ”[Pileggi] is the head of that family. As Sera puts it, they were hacking heads off vampires on the Mayflower.”


Office gossip: Amy Ryan is back
It looks like The Office is going to give Michael Scott a pretty neat parting gift: his soul mate, Holly! Amid news that Steve Carell is planning to depart the NBC hitcom next May comes word that Amy Ryan (a.k.a. Holly) will play a sizable role in the show’s upcoming seventh season. ”We set her return up in the finale, so it would be the biggest [cop-out] of all time if we didn’t [follow through] on it,” says coexec producer and cast member Mindy Kaling. ”She’s definitely coming back.” Meanwhile, regarding the little matter of who’ll succeed Michael as boss, Kaling — a self-professed ”promote from within” type of gal — is throwing her support behind Dwight (Rainn Wilson). ”Dwight has become so nuanced — you actually care about him now,” she says. ”I think if [we did a good job laying the groundwork] this coming season, he would be a fantastic boss. That’s my dream.”

Bad times ahead for Good‘s Kalinda
”We are going to throw Kalinda off her game a little bit in the second season,” reveals The Good Wife exec producer Robert King of the drama’s sexually ambiguous, tough-as-nails PI (Emmy nominee Archie Panjabi). ”Her past will come back to haunt her, and she also finds some competition.” In related news, continued financial strain will force Lockhart, Gardner to merge with another law firm. ”It throws everyone for a loop — [especially partners] Will and Diane,” says King. ”And Alicia, who thought she was [in the clear], once again has to prove herself in new surroundings.”

True Blood finale spoiler!
True Blood boss Alan Ball teases that the vampire soap’s third-season finale this September will feature ”a lot of Bill-Sookie-Eric” drama. ”It involves blood and trust,” he says, ”and it does not go where you expect it to.”