By Chris Nashawaty
Updated July 16, 2010 at 06:13 PM EDT

Image Credit: Andrew Schwartz; Janet Mayer/PR PhotosIt’s not easy being a mother to six children and the biggest female star in the world. After all, when you’re not dangling from ledges hundreds of feet up in the air or head-butting goons or weaving cars through high-speed traffic, there’s that whole “Who’s gonna look after the kids?” thing to juggle. Apparently, that’s all that stood in the way of a Brad Pitt cameo in Salt, Jolie’s upcoming film. When EW spoke to the actress in March, we asked if she had any plans to reunite with her Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar on-screen. Back then, she said, “I love working with him. He’s my favorite actor to work with and the only complicated thing is to find the right project.”

Now, Jolie tells USA Today that she wanted Pitt to make a blink-and-you’d-miss-it cameo in one of the action scenes in Salt. But, apparently, he had to look after their ever-growing brood instead. “He was almost going to be the motorcycle guy that I knocked down, and then he’d call me a bad name,” she said. “But he was with the kids that day, and we couldn’t work it out.” Ever hear of a babysitter? Jeez!

Still, maybe Pitt knew something. After all, seeing his dreamy, A-list mug might have pulled audiences out of the film and given it too much of a cheeky, self-referential Ocean’s 12 vibe — and no one wants that! Then again, it’s not like Pitt hasn’t done this sort of thing for a significant other before. Remember his turn as Will, the guy who started the rumor that Rachel was a hermaphrodite on Friends back when he and Jennifer Aniston were together? If not, see the clip embedded after the jump.