Image Credit: Barry King/WireImage.comI spent last Sunday in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park watching Tiffany and Debbie Gibson getting chased by steroid-enhanced alligators. What did you guys do?

File this under why I love my job, but every once in awhile EW writers get to be eye-witnesses to pop culture history in the making. This wasn’t one of those moments, but visiting the set of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, the latest in the Syfy network’s extra-cheesy B-movies, was a little like stepping into a vortex of super-campy pop culture nostalgia. For starters, the scene last Sunday was shot at the Griffith Park location where Adam West used to zoom into the Batcave in the Batmobile in 1960s TV series Batman. (The rock formation is actually more of a tunnel than a cave, but never mind.) For another thing, cameras were shooting a scene in which the two rival teen pop princesses from the 1980s — Tiffany plays a park ranger, Gibson an animal rights activist — huddle together in a tiny metal storage shack, surrounded by… Well, the giant alligators were a no-show, but will be added via CGI later. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if, say, a former Monkee had turned up on the set. (Alas, Mickey Dolenz was just added to the cast yesterday.)

EW will be reporting more on this project in the future — the movie won’t air air until 2011. But while cameras are still rolling, we thought we’d raise the question: Could a steroid-enhanced gator possibly be cooler than this?

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