By Tim Stack
Updated July 15, 2010 at 05:13 PM EDT

Image Credit: PA Photos/Landov; UPI Photo/LandovNow that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have announced their surprise engagement, rumors are swirling that they will next reveal plans for a reality show, something like a young Republican-version of Bethenny Getting Married?. (Now there’s a million-dollar pitch!) Quite frankly, the move would not surprise me. But do these two have what it takes to become the next Heidi and Spencer? Now that The Hills has ended, there’s room for a new Speidi in the reality show landscape. And though Bristol doesn’t seem to share Heidi’s love of injectables or lucite heels, Levi has certainly shown a Spencer-esque proclivity for attention-getting quotes.

But the big question is: What will their combined name be? Brevi? Levistol? Sadly, those both kind of sound like high-cholesterol medications (faux advertisement: “Side effects for Levistol include spontaneous pregnancy, Playgirl pictorials…”).

Would you watch a Bristol/Levi reality show, PopWatchers? What should their combined name be?