July 14, 2010 at 03:27 PM EDT

Big news: Mario Lopez has a VH1 reality show! I mean, on the one hand, of course he does, because everyone has a VH1 reality show. If there’s ever a lull in my conversations with friends and family, I just ask “How’s your VH1 reality show?” and it always goes over really well. But honestly, if anyone “deserves” a VH1 reality show it’s probably Mario Lopez because Mario Lopez is one of the most earnest famous people I’ve ever seen.

Do you ever watch Extra? I “have to,” “for work,” and I’ll go ahead and just keep telling myself that. The content of Extra is not fascinating, but this is: Mario Lopez is always bounding around the set, feigning fairly believable interest in some of the most marginal of entertainment news topics. I couldn’t do that with a straight face if you paid me multiple heaps of gems per take. And he doesn’t ever seem like he’s phoning it in! Mario Lopez is an equal-opportunity earnestness monger. He blows my mind, then turns me on, then slaps my ass and calls me Sally.

I may not be interested in watching this fall’s “untitled docusoap” chronicling “Lopez and his Courtney Mazza as they prepare for the birth of their first child,” but I do have to hand it to Mario Lopez in general. This guy used to be A.C. Slater and now he’s this major pop culture fixture. I mean, look at Screech. No, don’t.

Is anyone scrappier than Mario Lopez? I feel like the “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” girl in Despicable Me. “HE’S SO SCRAPPY!”

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