By Annie Barrett
July 13, 2010 at 09:20 PM EDT

Every day Whoopi Goldberg gets away with wearing the smock they give you at the hair salon — like the thing that goes over your real shirt to protect it. Show us your real shirt, Whoopi! Kate Ward and I have severe salon envy right now as we are both in desperate need of a haircut. We’re also just jealous of the cozy factor — we have to wear real clothes to the office. EW isn’t ‘nam; there are rules. We could be fired for shenanigans like this.

Anyway, on today’s View, Whoopi acted all incredulous after Clay Aiken said “Some kids are a–holes.” She approves of Mel Gibson, but the A-word on morning television is just too much.

You tell us: Does Whoopi get a pass on the HSS because she’s an EGOT winner?

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