July 13, 2010 at 08:25 PM EDT

Forget free handbags and front row concert tickets. The biggest celebrity perk these days is an honorary degree from a prestigious university. Just ask Orlando Bloom and Kim Cattrall, who each received one this week from their hometown schools. Bloom picked up his degree today at England’s University of Kent in England with his family and fiancée, model Miranda Kerr, in tow, while fellow Brit Kim Cattrall (yep!) picked up her honorary degree from her hometown college, Liverpool John Moores University.

Sartorially speaking, Orlando is pretty much swimming in that maroon muumuu-like robe, but leave it to the Sex and the City star to work her amorphous royal blue robe like it was a hot-to-trot mini Samantha would be seen in.

Fashion aside, you can hate on celebrities for getting honorary degrees all you want, but it’s clearly a win-win situation for both parties: The university gets publicity and the star gets to strut in a robe and graduation hat. But if you had to bestow specific degrees to these celebrities, what would they major in? Bachelors in Hotness in for Bloom? Masters in Cougarology for Cattrall? Sound off below!

Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Photos/Landov; Peter Byrne/PA Photos/Landov

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