The Old Spice man is a busy guy. When he’s not swan diving, getting two tickets to that thing you love, and baking a cake in a kitchen he built with his own hands, he’s answering fans’ questions one at a time. And that includes those posed by EW, who asked two weeks ago what Isaiah Mustafa — the actor who stars in the spots — can’t do. Apparently, the answer is: “I can’t paint my toenails, study interpretive dance, or attend tea parties with stuffed animal guests. Oh, and I can’t watch romantic comedies or Elizabethan period pieces, or my eyeballs will fall out of my face. It’s less than desirable, but I’ve learned to accept my weaknesses.” (See the video, tailor-made for EW, here.) What’s unclear is whether the Old Spice guy can’t attend tea parties with stuffed animal guests, or won’t. Did he have an unfortunate run-in with a group of stuffed animals, and is now barred from their tea parties? I vote YES — but whatever he did, he only did to defend your honor, I’m sure.

So I can pose that question to him, but then again, he’ll have to answer me, and phew won’t that take up a lot of time? Instead, I’ll let him answer some of your questions, which he’s doing via his YouTube channel until Wednesday afternoon. And, for your convenience, he’s already covered whether he should swan dive into diamonds, why he didn’t say “I’m on a bike” at the end of his most recent commercial, and what bballgirlsI981 LMAO “freaking? love”s. (Just click it. Trust me, it’s funny.) After all this work, I’m glad to see that he’s been crowned king of Eastern Latvia. Which is great, because he loves grapes.

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