Here at Entertainment Weekly, we have only one goal: to bring happiness and magic into the lives of our readers. We’re like Ricardo Montalban in Fantasy Island — but without the white suit, the accent, and Tattoo. It was that impulse that led us to create our Must List app for the iPad, a weekly interactive rundown of the 10 things we love this week that was heralded as “one of the best apps from a magazine to date.”

And now, we’re even more proud to present our brand-new Must List app for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s the same Must List you know and love, optimized for smaller screens. Each week, we pick the 10 movies, TV shows, books, hit singles, web videos, and more that you NEED to know about, and present them along with streaming video, audio samples, and more, so you can experience them all right in the app!

For instance, this week’s Must List features the new season of Big Brother. You can watch a video introducing all the comely new houseguests, get a virtual tour of the new house from host (and EW blogger) Julie Chen, submit suggestions to the Big Brother Saboteur, and access the latest Big Brother recaps on And just like on the iPad version, you can sort picks by category and save your favorites to your own personalized Must List.

With EW’s app on your iPhone, you hold the entire world of pop culture in your hand. So what are you waiting for? Download it on iTunes right now!