Childrens Hospital, which made its premiere on Adult Swim last night, does for medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy and their soap opera ilk what ought to be done: It unpacks the cliches that fill them, and ridicules them unmercifully.

Created by Rob Corddry and first appearing as webisodes on, Childrens Hospital was loaded with dumb, horny, possibly insane doctors roaming the corridors thinking aloud their silly thoughts. Corddry himself co-starred as a morose doctor in clown make-up and blood-stained scrubs, who blithely terrorized his young patients while speaking of the healing power of laughter. He was surrounded by familiar faces such as Megan Mullally (doing a parody of a chief surgeon who barrels down the corridors on crutches in a parody of Laura Innes’ Dr. Kerry Weaver character on ER), The Office‘s Ed Helms, Parks & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman, and Lake Bell, who along with a few other female doctors deftly skewered the self-absorption of the medical professionals who swan around Grey’s and Private Practice.

From the doctor who wants to operate on a kid because he doesn’t trust X-rays and wants to see if the kid has “the right type of arm guts in there,” to the moony female voice-over that instructs the viewer that sometimes, “you have to do what your brain-jelly tells you to do,” the 15-minute episodes, complete with fake commercials, were non-stop ferocious, and hilarious.

Combine this with the return of Adult Swim’s terrific Delocated!, and you’ve got a Sunday night cure for other not-so-funny cable comedies.

Did you watch Childrens Hospital?

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