By Jennifer Armstrong
July 12, 2010 at 05:12 PM EDT

Who wants to settle for simply watching his or her favorite stars and films? It’s critical that we can also be as close to them as possible — be exactly like them, if possible — in a way that would be totally creepy and borderline illegal if we were, say, their roommates. Well, good news! Into the pantheon of products that help us to emulate our favorite pop cultural artifacts comes two new entries:

Bruce Willis’ “manly” scent: Finally, Willis shares his beauty and fragrance line with the world! Not only is there a fragrance that German manufacturer LG Health & Beauty Systems calls “the manliest scent in the world,” but there’s also hair- and body-wash, deodorant, and shave balm. It’s tempting to now make a joke about how much he could really know about hair wash, but if all it does is make dudes look as good as he does bald, that’s something. Oh, and it turns out “manliest scent in the world” = notes of grapefruit, pepper, and vetiver, which actually sounds pretty delicious. Having never smelled or even seen any of these products, you can still count us in, Bruce.

New Twilight-inspired nailpolish: The latest in a long line of Twilight-themed beauty products is the 12-shade collection of Nox Twilight nailpolish. Looks like you can choose from blood red, super-dark emo colors, sparkly-like-Edward-in-the-sun colors, and, um, some kind of Miami beach-y melon and turquoise. We’re split on this one: yes to the blood and sparkle and emo, no to the rest, judging purely on appropriateness to theme.