You know when you’re cooking, and you need a pot or pan that’s in the back of the cupboard, and you know it’s going to make a horrible, clanging racket? But, hey, you’re cooking…this is a necessity, so you grit your teeth, you soldier on. A similar sense of grim, cacophonous duty pervaded this morning’s performance of “It’s My Life”/”My Life Would Suck Without You” by the American Idol season 9 Top 10 as part of Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series today. Billed not-quite-accurately as a “mashup” by hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous, the number proved to be more of a clumsy welding together of two songs with the word “Life” in the title. As someone who’s planning to catch a show on the Idols Live tour later this summer — a tour that canceled selected dates earlier this week — I’m dismayed to discover the closing number simply does not work. I mean, I could wax cruelly about the way the voices of Siobhan Magnus and Michael Lynche, in particular, collided in New York City’s Central Park like a lively sparrow and a hawk’s talon. But instead I will ask: Is it too late to call an audible and make “It’s My/Suck” go the way of “No Boundaries”? Distract yourselves by watching in the clip below how reigning champ Lee DeWyze sheepishly keeps the mic at least a foot away from his mouth at all times. Dude is onto something.

As for this morning’s solo performances, let’s all collectively cleanse our palates with a little “Piece of My Heart” (or “Pieces of My Heart,” as Robin likes to call it) from Crystal Bowersox. The tempo on Crystal’s rendition is a little fast for my taste, but my word does she nail the last third with that soulful, soaring wail of hers. Can’t wait to see this live. And I promise if I interview her backstage, I won’t assault her with awkward, thinly disguised questions about her recent dental work. (Bad George, bad!)

And finally, her cohort Lee DeWyze got a solo set, too, performing the Cornelius’ Bros. “Treat Her Like a Lady.” Is it me or is he starting in a key that leaves him straining uncomfortably to hit the notes by the time he reaches the chorus? I can’t lie to you: I liked this better when he did it on Idol.

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