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Lady Gaga
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Image Credit: Eugene Gologursky/Retna LtdLady Gaga’s recently launched tour, the Monster Ball, has taken up residence in New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden for the past two evenings (and finishes with a final show on Friday evening!), making finger-claw wielding “little monsters” out of thousands of the city dwellers lucky enough to go. And that includes me! Rawr!

As you might imagine, this diva knows how to put on quite the ridiculously entertaining show. Zillions of costume changes! A Glinda the Good Witch dress! An encore of “Bad Romance” featuring a spiraling-out crowd! While I was there, I had the distinct feeling that, during those two hours, nothing else in pop culture really mattered because I—luckily!—was seeing the world’s biggest pop star for the first time at one of the world’s most famous arenas. Anyhoo, thought I might share my top five moments from Gaga’s show—everything from a mechanical monster that ate the star of the show to a fire-spewing mini-dress. Here goes:

1. The Monster. While performing “Paparazzi”—the last song of the regular set before her encore of “Bad Romance”—Gags shimmied in front of a stories-tall, homemade-looking monster, complete with flailing tentacles. Bonus: The janky thing, which was set into motion by a legion of people underneath it, eventually ate her! Just gobbled her up! In a word: Stunning. Just too bad it wasn’t during her song, “Monster,” which has correlating lyrics like, “He ate my heart / He ate, ate, ate my heart,” and, you know, is about a monster. Sorta. Regardless, the ridiculous trick worked famously and incited the throngs.

2. Gaga on the Piano. While most of the show was high energy, Gaga slowed it way down when she took to the piano to do her new, unreleased song “You and I,” as well as “Speechless.” And it was truly breathtaking, especially when you consider that she played the keys with her butt for a while, too. (Now, that’s talent!) No, but really, it was one of the only times during the concert where the fans actually sat down—and it wasn’t because they were bored. It more seemed out of respect for her Elton-esque take to the piano.

3. Calling Honey B on the Phone. Just before she rocked out to “Telephone,” Gaga surprised all by placing a call (albeit fake!) to Beyoncé, her Honey B lover from the song’s video. And everyone freaked! Was Beyoncé coming out to sing, too? (She’s often in NYC with Jay-Z, so it wouldn’t have been too big a stretch.) Alas, no, but of course Gaga got the final word in with B, eventually calling her a “shady b—-” before hanging up and going right into the masterful jam by herself.

4. Chatter Between the Songs. Gaga certainly metered out her talking—it all seemed rather orchestrated—but damn if it wasn’t hilarious. One moment she was telling fans that of all the drunk men in her life, she liked her dad the best. A bit later she was giving advice: She’d BS-ed her way through life, and made it to the top! Finally, just before “Boys, Boys, Boys,” Gaga put on a weird little show, as a Dorothy-from-The Wizard of Oz-esque character who couldn’t find the Monster Ball, but the she claimed she knew who’d be able to tell her how to get there: “My New York gay boys!” she shouted. And then she went into “Boys.” The banter: genius.

5. That Fiery Mini-Dress. At one point, Gaga performed while wearing a sparkly mini-dress that featured flames shooting out of three spots: both breasts, and her nether region. No words.

Music Mixers, have you seen Gaga’s concert? Do you have favorite moments?

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