By Adam Markovitz
Updated July 08, 2010 at 01:58 PM EDT

James Cameron, honorary dean of the More Is Better School of Blockbuster Studies, has some good news for Avatar fans: He’s releasing a special edition of the movie that boasts eight additional minutes of footage, including “new creatures and action scenes,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie will roll out Aug. 27 on 3-d screens only.

As I mentioned back in January, I’m generally in the once-is-enough camp when it comes to movies like this. But my guess is there are plenty of hardcore fans out there who are already packing their bags for a trip back to Pandora. Even better, the re-release gives you the perfect chance to go with someone who may have missed the whole phenomenon the first time around, like, say, your friend who was undergoing a military experiment in a sensory deprivation chamber for six months, or your maiden aunt who hasn’t been to the theaters since Buena Vista Social Club. Actually, let’s get scientific about it and take a vote:


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