Can anyone give me the definition of “talent,” PopWatchers? Apparently the judges of AGT and I have a difference of opinion. After some questionable decisions on Tuesday night (and your comments yesterday), I’m pretty confident we’re all a little confused by the acts the judges decided to advance. Like Airpocalypse (yes, that would be the air band). These self-proclaimed “underdogs” lived to play another day, by getting a ticket to Hollywood. Do you like their schtick? Take a look at their Las Vegas performance below and let us know.

Sure, they’re funny, but I can do this routine in the comfort of my own home on nightly basis. Would you really shell out the big bucks or give up at least an hour of your life to watch this performed live? On the other hand, air bands are pretty popular around the world (anyone remember the 2006 documentary Air Guitar Nation?) so maybe AGT is on to something. Should we be on Team Airpocalypse?

What are your final thoughts on the Las Vegas rounds, PopWatchers? Does it bug you that the powers that be don’t provide us with the names of every act on-screen?

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