Image Credit: Everett CollectionAustin’s Alamo Drafthouse is poised to hit the road again. The famed Texas movie-theater’s summer Rolling Roadshow Tour, in which classic Hollywood films are presented in cinematically appropriate settings, kicks off Aug. 6. That night, if his schedule permits, Quentin Tarantino will host a special screening of Jackie Brown in L.A.’s Del Amo Fashion Mall, where that movie’s parking lot debacle was filmed.

EW’s exclusively got the schedule of the entire tour, presented by the Alamo and LEVI’s:

Aug. 6 Jackie Brown, at Los Angeles’ Del Amo Fashion Mall

Aug. 7 Dirty Harry, at San Francisco’s Washington Square Park

Aug. 8 There Will Be Blood, at California’s Kern County Museum

Aug. 8 Convoy, at the Ft. Davis drive-in in Las Vegas, N.M.

Aug. 13 The Blues Brothers, at Chicago’s Joliet Prison

Aug. 14 RoboCop, at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center

Aug. 19 Rocky I-III, at the Philadelphia Art Museum

Aug. 20 On the Waterfront, at Hoboken’s Pier A

Aug. 27 The Godfather Part II, on a Manhattan rooftop near Little Italy

The last two events sound very cool, especially to this New York-based writer, who suggested the locale just a few months back. Watching On the Waterfront on the Hoboken waterfront will make me nostalgic for the bare-knuckle corruption of Johnny Friendly. (You know, as opposed to other, more-refined types of graft.) Hey Alamo, be prepared to write a few extra checks just to set up the screen and projector.

While the Alamo is digging into LEVI’s pockets to ensure that no “accidents” happen, let’s focus on food and refreshment. What would be the perfect treat for each of the films? A few are no-brainers. There Will Be Blood? Chocolate milkshake. The Godfather Part II? Cannoli. Rocky? Raw eggs. And The Blues Brothers? “Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips.” What other delectables would make for an even more memorable night at the movies?