Image Credit: Kevin Kane/WireImage.comDespite her best efforts, Lady Gaga doesn’t always live by her own rules. At this January’s Grammy Awards, for example, she was excluded from the Best New Artist category because her single “Just Dance” had been nominated the previous year for Best Dance Recording.

But rules are there to be broken. Or at least, in the case of the Recording Academy’s book of laws, they are there to be amended after a suitable period of rumination. In December, Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said of Gaga’s ineligibility, “There will be some changes so that particular scenario won’t repeat itself.” And today, the Academy announced an alteration in their laws which allows acts to be eligible for the Best New Artist category, “if an artist/group is nominated (but does not win) for the release of a single or as a featured artist or collaborator on a compilation or other artist’s album before the artist/group has released an entire album (and becomes eligible in this category for the first time).”

In an explanatory statement, the Academy noted, “More and more, the first release of a new artist is as a featured artist on someone else’s album or, the new artist may release a single long before the release of his/her/their entire first album. By current rules, if the other artist’s album or the new artist’s single receives a nomination, the new artist may never have the opportunity to compete in the Best New Artist category. With this change, each artist will have at least one opportunity to enter in this important and highly visible category.”

Obviously, this rule change is too late to help Lady Gaga—though, all things considered, the Grammy Awards are probably a distant memory to her at this point anyway. But what do you think of the rule change? Do you agree with the Academy that an artist can still be “new” even if they’ve been nominated the year before?

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