July 07, 2010 at 05:00 PM EDT

Turns out it wasn’t that fake! “I worked in a bar called the Up and Up Lounge in Kenmore Square on top of a Howard Johnson’s and that’s how I learned to talk like that. Everyone was from Dorchester or Somerville,” Julianne Moore a.k.a. 30 Rock‘s Nancy Donovan told Jon Stewart. Ha! I love it. This is even better than if Julianne Moore had worked at the Ground Round in Cleveland Circle!

Moore was on last night’s Daily Show to promote her new movie about stylish lesbian parents, The Kids Are All Right. (EW gives it an A.) As a side note, I can’t stop staring at her purple people-eater arms and reminiscing about when mean old Marilla finally let Anne of Green Gables wear a dress with puffed sleeves. This one is way better than that one. (Blasphemy?!) The video’s after the jump, so go pahhhk yoh cahhhh ovah thayuh.

Moore also begged LeBron James to come to New York with a bit more sexual passion than Betty White and the Hot in Cleveland ladies did in this video. Who makes a better case? Julianne REALLY WANTS HIM. It’s a tough call.

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