By Lesley Savage
Updated July 07, 2010 at 08:27 PM EDT
Credit: Mario Perez/ABC

Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABCIn the wake of the Jake and Vienna’s recent split, a.k.a., THE MOST DRAMATIC BACHELOR BREAK-UP EVER, the news of Jillian Harris and fiancé Ed Swiderski’s reported break-up (confirmed today by seems, well, boring. Timing is everything, I guess. Had we not just endured the he said/she said fame-whoring drama of Monday’s volatile Jakenna (Vieake?) breakup special on Monday (and all its related tabloid fallout), we may have given a damn about poor old Canadian Bachelorette Jillian and Ed’s relationship, which seemed doomed from the beginning when cheating allegations came out against Ed the second they announced their engagement. But at this point, I give it a “meh.” With that said, though, we wish Jillian well — and both parties good luck on the second season of Bachelor Pad!

In fact, in the spirit of celebrating a second chance at love (or its close cousin lust), I asked fellow EW Bachelor fans to weigh in on what future pairings of former franchise contestants they’d like to see. (Personally, I’d play matchmaker for heartbroken Vienna and her former rival Ali’s recent controversial castoff Justin “Rated R” Rego.) Here’s what my colleagues had to say:

Kristen Baldwin: “Two words: BREAK. DANCER. Now Jillian can reunite with Stagliano and double date with Deanna, who’s dating Stagliano’s brother!”

Slezak: “There might be one woman left in the world willing to let Jake Pavelka put a ring on it: Allie G., the cray-cray chick from Travis Stork’s season who declared on Night One that her eggs were ‘rotting.’ (Sorry for that reminder.) But in all ‘seriousness,’ how about pairing up puppy-eyed bartender Robby (from Jillian’s season) with hard-drinking Krisily, who famously encouraged Charlie O’Connell to drink a shot from her navel – in episode 1?

Jennifer Armstrong: “Tenley and Kasey. She can dance the dance in her heart while he guards and protects it.”

Mandi Bierly: “I’m trying to think of two people I actually like (cause I’m like that) and I can’t. I was gonna say Tenley and Kiptyn, just because I think he’d rock her world a lot harder than Jake.”

Not a bad start, but I bet you guys can take this a step further. Start the matchmaking process in the comments below! C’mon now…the heart’s journey to love (and a wedding sponsored by ABC) begins with you!

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