Credit: AP Images; Comedy Central; Fox

Image Credit: AP Images; Comedy Central; FoxA comedy about Osama bin Laden? Why, that’s about as tasteless as a musical about Hitler! (Cue soundtrack for The Producers.) A lot of people in India — and probably a few in America — are undoubtedly bracing for controversy over next week’s India-wide opening of Tere Bin Laden, a Bollywood satire about a reporter who becomes famous after taping a fake interview with a Bin Laden impersonator. After all, Bin Laden is a mass murderer, the very face of evil. There’s nothing funny about what he stands for or the crimes he’s committed. And yet…I’m totally rooting for this movie. Anything that turns Al-Qaeda into a laughingstock is okay in my book.

Indeed, here in America, there’s a long, happy tradition of transforming our enemies into clowns. The Three Stooges did it with Hitler in 1940’s You Nazty Spy! (And Charlie Chaplin followed in their footsteps later that year, famously impersonating Hitler in The Great Dictator.) Leslie Nielsen did it with the Ayatollah in 1988’s The Naked Gun. And now it’s bin Laden’s turn to be punished in the courtroom of popular culture. In fact, he’s already made cameos on South Park and The Family Guy. Why not in a Bollywood comedy?

But maybe you disagree, Popwatchers. Maybe you think it’s still too soon. If so, here’s your chance to stir up unnecessary controversy…