By Emily Exton
Updated July 07, 2010 at 04:12 PM EDT

Let the heartbreak begin, America. Style Pros Crew was robbed last night! After wowing the judges in Los Angeles, the group delivered another high energy performance (those two-person back flips!) that I was sure would warrant them a ticket to Hollywood. Check out their Las Vegas performance after the jump and see if you agree:

Awesome, right? Maybe AGT‘s pool of dance groups was just too competitive? Strikers All-Stars — formerly of America’s Best Dance Crew — bypassed the Las Vegas round and was sent straight to Hollywood, while Style Pros Crew’s rival dance group Wreckless (nice dramatic editing, NBC) advanced as well. For me, Wreckless’ performance didn’t live up to their theatrical, “WOW!”-inducing “Telephone” routine, but maybe the “I’m going to burst into tears at any minute” look on their faces helped them out with the judges? Regardless, I still think Style Pros Crew was a lot more entertaining than AscenDance, who the judges DID send to Hollywood. Blasphemy!

Should I get on board with this super strong duo, PopWatchers? Should Style Pros Crew have made it instead of Wreckless? Who else are you glad to see go to Hollywood?

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