The slaughter continues. This summer has already claimed the partial if not total lives of tours from Christina Aguilera, Lilith Fair, the Eagles, Jonas Brothers, John Mayer, U2 (the latter both due to illness) and more, and now it’s taken down what in years past would have been a sure thing: The American Idol tour has canceled eight shows and rearranged others, meaning this season’s Idol journey will end Aug. 31 in Indianapolis, rather than two weeks later in Portland, Maine.

As we await official statement from the Idol camp or tour promoters LiveNation, let’s put on our thinking caps and try to diagnose this sickness. Is it the economy? Lack of interest in Season 9’s finalists? Lack of interest in Idol in general? Public protest against the insane loss of Crystal Bowersox? Can we, like Limp Bizkit (whose tour this summer was also, yes, canceled), blame it all on some sort of nookie? Discuss.

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