By Karen Valby
Updated July 06, 2010 at 02:28 PM EDT

Remember when your step mom sent you a JibJab Christmas card with family members’ heads superimposed onto dancing elves? That got a chuckle, right? Well, now JibJab is in on Mad Men fever — working itself up into a gin fizz in anticipation of the July 25 premiere. All those Facebook friends who last summer changed their profile pictures to avatars of slinky, smoking secretaries and dapper Dans can get a little refresh on events past while stepping into their beloved characters’ selves. Warning: Be careful whose heads you paste on the Betty and Don bodies because you’re basically foretelling the real-life couple’s doom. But it’s always a safe bet to make someone fan favorite Joan or Roger. Me, I would’ve liked a spin on the runaway lawn mower, so I don’t understand why JibJab won’t let me be Lois.

What say you Mad Men fans? Will you indulge? Which character have you missed the most during the hiatus? How many friends do you have that dressed up as Joan on Halloween?

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