By Mandi Bierly
Updated July 06, 2010 at 02:50 PM EDT
Credit: Bryan Sheffield/2009 Crown Media

Image Credit: Bryan Sheffield/2009 Crown MediaMaybe it’s because summer in the city always makes me long for Weekend at Bernie’s, but when I got a press release this morning about Johnathan Silverman’s July 17 Hallmark Channel movie Jack’s Family Adventure, I read it. He plays an overworked, underappreciated ad man who takes his family on a month-long vacation to the cabin his late uncle just left him. From the promo below, you can tell that A) this man does not age and B) there’s a lot of screaming and at least one “bear” scene that will probably not live up to The Great Outdoors.

But let’s turn that negative into a positive: What are your favorite cabin scenes? The first one that came to my mind (after The Great Outdoors): Mark Harmon and Madeleine Stowe playing Mouse Olympics in Worth Winning. (Which then made me think of Madeleine Stowe and Kevin Costner in his cabin in Revenge. And then Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston, and their families in The Bodyguard. Someone stop me.) Your turn.