By Kate Ward
Updated July 06, 2010 at 05:15 PM EDT

  • Gina Gershon, Danny Glover, and Robert Patrick have been tapped for indie flick Five Minarets in New York, about a Turkish scholar’s wife (Gershon) who’s accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Good pal Bill Clinton eagerly awaits to supply her with tips. [THR]
  • Can I get a chung-chung? Elisabeth Röhm, of Heroes and Law & Order fame, will play Taylor Lautner’s mom in the thriller Abduction. [THR]
  • Reid Scott has been promoted from bartender on My Boys to oncologist — who “has lots of training and intellect, but lacks life or professional experience — on The Big C. At least we can assume the good doc knows how to treat for side effects brought on by Hot Pocket. [Deadline]