By Mandi Bierly
July 06, 2010 at 04:25 PM EDT

Image Credit: Francois Duhamel; PR NewswireHSN has announced that it will dedicate 72 hours of programming to selling products themed around the Julia Roberts movie Eat, Pray, Love. Just as the book is divided into three countries, so will be the programming block: Aug. 6 is Italy, Aug. 7 is India, and Aug. 8 is Bali. The on-air event will incorporate more than 20 of HSN’s partners and brands and feature more than 400 items across a variety of categories, including beauty, electronics, home decor, travel, cooking, jewelry, accessories, and ready-to-wear, says a press release. HSN estimates it audience to be 83 percent female between the ages of 30-50 years old with an above average income — exactly the demo that Sony Pictures hopes to reach with the film based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Is a three-day mutual marketing campaign a little…overwhelming? Sure. But it also makes a lot of sense. Most women can’t afford to eat in Italy, pray in India, and love in Bali, but we’d love to simulate that experience where we can. Any films you’d like to see HSN partner with next? I suggest they hook up with Nancy Meyers, because we always want to live in whatever movie house she creates.

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