By Karen Valby
Updated July 06, 2010 at 10:36 PM EDT
Credit: Cosmopolitan magazine
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Image Credit: Cosmopolitan magazineBritney Spears continues to quietly show some good sense. How’s that for a headline?! The young woman, somehow only 28 years old despite those seemingly endless years of drama and misery, is inside August’s Cosmopolitan magazine sounding like a reasonable mother with her kids’ best interests at heart. (On the cover, she’s wearing a black zippered bustier top and jeans that lack a good couple of inches of needed waistline material. Well, you can take the girl out of the oversexualized 1990s music videos but you can’t take the music videos out of the girl.) When asked how she would respond if her two young boys — red and round-cheeked Sean Preston and Jayden James, 4 and 3 — ever expressed a desire to follow their Mama’s calloused feet into showbiz, Spears was refreshingly blunt in her answer. “I’d lock them in their rooms until they turned 30,” she said.

Now doesn’t that just strike you as the best possible thing any beleaguered pop star/movie star/reality TV star could ever say about their unselfish hopes for their bright and shiny children? Can you imagine if years ago, when things started sliding South, Dina Lohan had just decided this Hollywood town was too toxic for her vulnerable child and that what was needed instead was three solid meals, a day at home, an algebra tutor, plenty of good books on her daughter’s night stand, and, oh I don’t know, a part-time job that demanded you show up on time and were polite and respectful to customers? I’m not saying young kids born for the stage should be denied the thrill of their craft and the quest for connection with an audience. But for the love of… those are future artists. Those aren’t hopeful famous or infamous people! And here Britney is, talking about taking her boys to their karate classes. Do your thing, Britney.

And if anyone is confused why the famous life smacks of something sour to the woman, here’s a depressing reminder:

What do you think PopWatchers? What other famous parents need to lock their children in their rooms until they’re 30? What’s your relationship with Britney Spears like these days?

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