Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCRemember when Bret Michaels created a Snapple flavor for the finale challenge on The Celebrity Apprentice? And won the whole shebang (and our hearts) on the last show, thanks to his flavor, Trop-A-Rocka? Well, apparently, Bret’s Snapple drink has been available at retail since May 23, but my local bodega just began carrying Trop-A-Rocka today. Yep, today, July 6 — more than a whole month later. You see, like Bret, my bodega seems to run on rocker time.

Still, you’d best believe as soon as I saw the beverage in question, I snapped it up like Blago snaps up goldenrod balloons, eager to sample the drink (and happy to see the proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association). After all, on the side of the bottle, Bret himself tells us the “rocker-approved” drink has “awesome taste, the best ingredients, and zero calories.” Which is strange, because the nutrition facts on the label tell me the drink has 10 calories. Hmm. I’ll let this slide, Bret, and just assume that 10 calories = 0 calories in rocker nutrition.

So I’ve officially sampled it — for those of you who haven’t, take my pop quiz below! (And see the answer after the jump!)

You guys, it was totally a trick question! The answer is D) Coconut-infused iced tea. And guess what? It’s pretty freakin’ good — deceptive 10 calories and all. PopWatchers, have you picked up Bret’s blended tea flavor? And did it show you nothin’ but a good time?