By Tim Stack
July 04, 2010 at 05:00 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Francois Duhamel; Inset: David Gabber/PR PhotosGlee co-creator Ryan Murphy is having the best year of his career. His hit Fox series recently finished its blockbuster first season and now his much-anticipated adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts, is about to hit theaters Aug. 13. Naturally, with these two projects under his belt, how could we not put Murphy on our Summer Must List as a director we love?

But the real reward for Murphy was the intense production of Eat, Pray, Love and how it personally affected him. Says Murphy, “From the day I left to shoot it to the day I was done, there was not one day under 95 degrees. It was just an unrelentingly difficult movie. I got really sick in India. Julia got really sick in India. We both got kind of bad lung infections. But I worked with such great people [over] four continents. I came back and I felt like I had sort of been cleansed of a lot of stuff and ready to start over. And I did and I started over. In the past six months, a lot of good things have happened to me, I think, because I really tried to learn the lesson of what that book and what that movie was. The movie talked back to me. I learned something. I came out of it a different person at the end.”

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