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Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCShe’s currently winning raves as one half of a lesbian couple in the Sundance sensation The Kids Are All Right, but Julianne Moore already made an impact this year in a recurring role on 30 Rock as Bah-ston native and Jack Donaghy mistress NancyDonovan. Moore discussed her feelings on how Jack left things with Nancy on the show’s season finale and what’s at the top of her must list this summer.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you hoping Jack would choose Nancy over Avery on 30 Rock?

JULIANNE MOORE: [Laughs] Of course, I’m always gonna pull for Nancy! I had a great time on the show. I loved them so much. I think its important to keep things hoppin’ on 30 Rock. You never know what they’re gonna do. That’s the beauty of it. You literally can get a script on a Thursday before they shoot it. I think everybody in the cast reads it and doesn’t know where its gonna go.

Do you think Nancy will return?

[In thick Bah-ston accent] She’s not dead yet! Who knows!

So you’re on our summer must list — what’s on yours?

Paddleboarding! I’m gonna learn how to paddleboard. And I’m really afraid. It looks like a surfboard but it’s a paddleboard — you stand on it with an oar. Surfers who do it paddle in the ocean and go with the waves. I plan on doing a much tamer kind of paddleboarding. We have a lake behind our house in Long Island. And I’m gonna get [a paddleboard] and just try to stand up on it and move around a little. I’m really afraid! I see the people do it in the very early morning. I’m gonna get myself a wetsuit so the impact of hitting the water again and again won’t feel so horrible. I think it looks really beautiful. It looks easy. I know its not, but it looks easy. It’s something I feel ready to challenge myself with.

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