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Image Credit: Anthony G. Moore/PR PhotosIn this week’s Summer Must Issue, Rescue Me star Denis Leary ruminates on the new season of his FX firefighter show — and his sinister plan to kidnap Michael J. Fox. Alas, there wasn’t space in the magazine to include the actor-comedian’s “Summer Musts.” But thanks to the wonderment that is the Internet, you can read all about them after the jump.


“I’m looking forward to seeing that. It’s every old action star in the same movie. It’s Sly [Stallone], and [Arnold] Schwarzenegger, and Dolph Lundgren, right? I’m not surprised Sly didn’t ask me to be in it. [Leary appeared with Sylvester Stallone in the 1993 actioner Demolition Man.] I don’t think Sly would call me for something like that. I’m too skinny. You’ve got to have big muscled guys in those movies. I give Stallone credit, man. That movie Copland — I know he decided to go back into the action franchises, but that guy’s got some good acting in him if he wants to do it.”


“I don’t know if Louis [C.K., who stars in the FX sitcom] wants to hear this, but it’s better than his HBO show. It’s brilliantly funny and it’s brilliantly original. When FX showed me the pilot, we had to rewind it a couple of times because we were laughing so hard.”


Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend by James S. Hirsch and The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron by Howard Bryant

“For the sports fanatic, there are two great books out right now, which I can also suggest as historic reads, because they deal with civil rights. One is the Willie Mays semi-autobiography. And there’s a great Hank Aaron book. They both deal with black men becoming baseball stars in the 1950s and through the ’60s, when the civil rights movement erupted, and these guys were there for it. And in Henry Aaron’s case specifically, there were a lot of anti-black threats and violence because of him breaking Babe Ruth’s record. It’s really interesting, not just from a baseball angle but from a civil rights angle as well.”


Bad Day at Black Rock

“My son and I this afternoon went to the Film Forum [in New York] and we watched a new print of the 1955 film Bad Day at Black Rock. Spencer Tracy. Lee Marvin. Robert Ryan. Walter Brennan. You sit and watch a movie like that and you go, “Boy.” It’s all acting. There’s nothing blowing up. It’s just a good old fashioned western. I’m a sucker for that.”

MOVIES (Bonus)

Ice Age 4

“How about that for a plug? That won’t be for another year, two years, maybe. We’re in negotiations. I don’t see how they could do it without me and Ray [Romano] and [John] Leguizamo. But you never know.”

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