By Darren Franich
July 02, 2010 at 10:20 PM EDT

Image Credit: DC ComicsWonder Woman #600 was intended to be a gamechanger for the iconic superheroine. A new creative team. A new costume, which inspired some polarizing opinions in our PopWatch poll. A whole new origin story, courtesy of some old-fashioned timeline-juggling. And above all, a general turn towards the grim and gritty: the first few pages of the issue have all the urban paranoia and angst of an early 1990s X-Men comic (or, more to the point, a Christopher Nolan movie). Well, the people have responded…with a roar! According to Deadline, DC is already reprinting the issue after monstrous first-week sales.

Whatever you think about all the changes, this is great news for Wonder Woman. Even though she’s been around since forever, and even though she’s arguably the most recognizable female superhero period (sorry, Storm), Wonder Woman’s almost never dominated pop culture like her franchise teammates Superman and Batman. (Also, it’s a little bit charming that, in our debased modern culture, people were apparently interested to see a hot chick with great legs wear more clothes.)

And of course, there’s always the slight possibility that renewed sales could mean renewed interest in sending Wonder Woman flying beyond comic books into other media…but since just saying the words “Wonder Woman Movie” makes Joss Whedon cry, let’s just cross our fingers that the Amazon Princess’ good luck continues.

Did you read Wonder Woman #600, PopWatchers? Were you a fan of the reboot? I caught a faint hint of Bourne Identity-ish mystique in Diana’s new backstory, which if nothing else is definitely a brand new take on the Wonder Woman mythos. And does this mean that we’ll soon see a gritty reboot of Archie Comics?