Michael Arndt is the Oscar-winning writer who brought it all to life

Toy Story 3 opened huge, wowed critics, and has audiences sobbing with emotion. So who gets the most credit? According to credited screenwriter Michael Arndt (an Oscar winner for Little Miss Sunshine), not him.

EW: You were reluctant to do this interview. How come?
Michael Arndt: It’s a very collaborative, egalitarian culture [at Pixar]. It would be a betrayal for me to try to hog credit. I’m one guy on a huge team.

You signed on for the four-year slog of TS3 a year before winning an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine. Ever tempted to jump ship?
That’d be like divorcing your wife to chase a trophy girlfriend. At the end of your life, you want to be proud of what you did. Pixar seemed like the best opportunity to do that.

Will you do another Pixar movie?
I’m not at liberty to talk about future projects. But working with them is like working at NASA. It’s these incredibly smart people sitting around concentrating, trying to come up with a story that just works. That’s why there’s a pleasurable sense of thoroughness and density in their stories. You feel like everything has been worked out.

Toy Story 3
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