Sarah McLachlan, Janelle Monáe, and more give us the scoop on the return of the female festival

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated July 02, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW Sarah, why did you revive the tour?
SARAH McLACHLAN It felt right. I know that’s not enough of an answer, but that’s the basis of it.
EW Janelle, you’re now on tour with Erykah Badu, and Colbie, you’re out with Sheryl Crow, both of whom will also be at Lilith. Do you already feel part of this community?
JANELLE MONÁE I definitely feel like it’s a start.
MIRANDA LAMBERT I think it’s going to be a whole different world [for me], because it’s not country. I’m gonna learn a lot, not only on stage but backstage. So I’m pretty excited.
COLBIE CAILLAT I was at Lilith in L.A. 11 years ago. My sister and her friends took me, and I thought it was the coolest thing. I was probably 12, and it inspired me to become a songwriter.
EW Sarah, did you imagine there’d be girls in the audience who’d become Lilith acts themselves?
McLACHLAN That became apparent as the first festivals progressed. It became something much larger than I ever expected. I really hope this time out there’s more men there. One of the most frustrating things last time was dumb-ass men saying ”Oh, you must hate men, because this bill is all women.” That’s just asinine. Why would you assume we hate men because we’re celebrating women?
EW Janelle, your brand of futuristic R&B is very different from the Lilith stereotype of the woman with the guitar.
McLACHLAN Thank God! I hate that stereotype!
MONÁE Personally, I try my hardest not to play into stereotypes. We don’t all have to take the same coordinates to get to the destination.
EW Do the newbies need any Lilith survival tips from Sarah?
McLACHLAN They already know what the road is like. This is no different. The showers are clean. Bring your thong sandals, though, because you never know.