''The Kids Are All Right'' star on Mark Ruffalo and acting in their 40s

By Adam B. Vary
July 02, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

After a standout role as Bah-ston native Nancy on 30 Rock, Julianne Moore is now winning raves as half of a lesbian couple in the Sundance hit and early Oscar favorite The Kids Are All Right, out July 9 (see review). Moore, 49, talks about bonding with her character’s wife (Annette Bening) and creating sparks with the pair’s sperm donor (Mark Ruffalo).

EW: You and Annette have such natural chemistry on screen. How well did you know her before shooting?
Julianne Moore: Not at all. I knew her from awards shows. We’d been nominated together [in 2000, Moore for The End of the Affair and Bening for American Beauty]. We had very little time to prepare anything because there was no money, but we had a tremendous amount of experience being married and being parents.

You also worked with Mark on 2008’s Blindness. What was that experience like?
I love Mark. I love, love, love him as an actor. I love his energy. I love how fluid he is. I said to [his wife] Sunrise when we saw [the film] at Sundance, ”He looks so hoooottt.” She said, ”I know!” He’s very male in the midst of this very female kind of thing. In comes Mark, all hairy and leather jacket-y and motorcycle-y. It cracked me up!

It’s a cliché to say that actresses in their 40s don’t get great roles, but has that been your experience? You seem to work a lot.
I’ve been lucky so far, but never say no. People have been saying this to me since I started making movies when I was 30. My argument was always, it’s hard for anybody to find a great part.

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