By Kate Ward
July 01, 2010 at 02:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Phil Dent/Redferns/Getty ImagesRegular PopWatch readers will know that I never pass up an opportunity to mention my cat, Semmi (pictured…the one with pointy ears, in case you can’t tell). So I found it hard to resist writing this post once I stumbled upon news that Tokyo researchers discovered that dogs find classical music most relaxing. Because however embarrassing it was to write the headline of this post, it’s even more so to acknowledge that, yes, I know my cat’s favorite song: Michael Jackson’s “Keep the Faith.” How do I know this? Well, because every time the song plays on my iTunes — which is far too often, considering its general cheesy horribleness (remember this?) — Semmi drops whatever dust bunny part of her own body cat toy she’s currently attacking, and stretches out into a calm, purring, blissful sleep. (True fact: the song began playing when I took this picture. See that calm look in her eye? It’s her Tylenol PM!)

Apparently, this is a very embarrassing admission, based purely on how few responses I got from the staff when I asked for their own solicitations. Even Annie Barrett — someone not afraid to discuss her love for a Christie Brinkley-penned book — only bothered to respond with, “I don’t care for animals,” which just means she plays Matthew Morrison‘s version of “Thong Song” whenever she sees a feline or canine. (How cruel!) But here are some answers from a few brave souls:

Mike Bruno: “My old dog liked ‘Been Caught Stealing,’ that hit from Jane’s Addiction with dogs barking.” (An obvious one, right?)

Samantha Harmon: “My cat is named Lucy. So obviously her favorite song is ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.'” (Or she just really likes hallucinogenic drugs.) 

Mandi Bierly: “When I was in elementary school, the family dachshund, Katy, seemed to enjoy Kool & the Gang’s ‘Cherish,’ which I played non-stop on vinyl. Could have been the seagulls.”

So, come on, PopWatchers, embarrass yourselves too: What is your pet’s favorite song? And the first reader to guess the pop culture origin of my cat’s name wins an imaginary cupcake!