The organizers of the 2010 Lilith Fair — initially one of the most-anticipated tours of the summer — have just announced the cancellation of 10 dates: Salt Lake City, Montreal, Raleigh, Charlotte, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Birmingham, Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

These cancellations come on the back of previously-announced pulled shows in Nashville and Phoenix, and in the wake of artists like Norah Jones and Kelly Clarkson bailing from one or more scheduled dates on the tour. Meanwhile, the shows that are going on — tonight is the tour’s third night, in Vancouver — are suffering from embarrassingly low attendance, and being moved to venues half the size of the original stops.

In the just-released cancellation announcement, Lilith co-founder Terry McBride says, “We are in the midst of one of the most challenging summer concert seasons with many tours being cancelled outright. Everyone involved with the tour would like to apologize to the fans and artists scheduled to play in these markets, and express appreciation for all the support for the festival’s return. Lilith remains the only tour of its kind, and we are confident that fans will be amazed by what each date has to offer.”

Refunds are of course being offered, and fans are encouraged to check the website to find out how the cancelled shows may affect the artist lineups in their towns. But meanwhile, it’s time to put on your fantasy management caps, Mixers: Why is this tour struggling? Head Lilith lady Sarah McLachlan recently told EW she thought this summer’s Fair was less of a “need” and more of a “want” — so do you people not want it? Or do you really not have the money to make it out to the show? Discuss.

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