By Brad Wete
Updated July 01, 2010 at 03:31 PM EDT

Image Credit: George CondoFor years now Kanye West has been telling us how he’s the hottest rapper out there. Granted, with Grammys-galore, several No. 1 hits, and cosigns from his peers, he has the stats to back his claims. It really doesn’t matter if you believe it. He does. After taking a break from rapping with his auto-tuned 2008 808s & Heartbreak effort and a vacation of sorts, he’s back at it. Last month he released his defiant first singlePower,” from his forthcoming fifth album. And last Sunday (June 27) he dominantly performed the track for the first time at the BET Awards from the top of an erupting volcano. So when Kanye released the single’s artwork last night (June 30), I was thrown for loop.

In the poignant George Condo painting a decapitated crown-wearing head, presumably West’s, sits bloodied with a sword punched in it’s side. Towards the end of West’s “Power,” he asks, “Do you have the power to let power go?” With this picture I think he’s suggesting that he does, whether it’s easy or not. Or maybe that’s the ugly ego people think he’s cursed with being put to rest. Hey, I’m just guessing here. What do I know? Maybe it’s just a cool image he liked.

What do you guys make of Kanye’s “Power” artwork? Let us know.

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