By Adam B. Vary
Updated July 01, 2010 at 05:03 PM EDT

Image Credit: Matt Carr/Getty ImagesEven before the web exploded with unconfirmed chatter yesterday that actor Josh Hutcherson is the final choice to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony’s reboot of the comic-book franchise, the 17-year-old’s name had long been in the mix of potential heirs to Tobey Maguire’s red-and-blue tights. (Other actors reportedly being considered for the role include Jamie Bell and Aaron Johnson.) So when EW spoke with the actor last week about his upcoming role in the critically acclaimed The Kids Are All Right, we couldn’t help but ask him about all the Spidey talk.

UPDATE: Well, that was fast: Columbia Pictures is confirming that actor Andrew Garfield has landed the role of Spider-Man, not Hutcherson. Still, Hutcherson’s answers do give some insight into what it must be like for a young actor to be thrown into such an incredibly high profile casting experience. Here’s what he had to say about it:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you find out all about the talk that you’re being considered for the new Spider-Man?

JOSH HUTCHERSON: I found out when everybody else did, through the random blogs and stuff like that.

Your agent didn’t tell you that you were being considered?

People like my mom have Google alerts, and my agent is always looking out [for news]. It’s so crazy to be talked about for a project that nobody really knows a whole lot about, like who has it or who doesn’t have it. It was so weird to me.

So your mom has a Google-alert on your name?

Yeah, definitely.

That’s a good mom. Have you been in formal meetings for the role?

There’ve been so many people that have gone in for that role. I’ve done the same thing that every other actor my age has for that part. It’s something so big, it’s hard to even fathom getting, honestly. The fact that I’m on the list with some of the people that are on the list — I’m amazed that they’re putting me on that “short list.” I think it’s really cool to be considered by the media to be in the same category as all those other people that are being considered. It’s really a privilege.

What does your Spidey sense tell you, Popwatchers? Do you think Hutcherson has nabbed the role?

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