By Ken Tucker
July 01, 2010 at 03:42 PM EDT

Just as I suspected: You talk a good game, but where’s your loyalty? For all the “LOOOOVVE Betty White!!!” huzzahs on this site’s Comments section every time there’s a White post, how many of you actually watched the third episode of Hot in Cleveland last night?

Not that I blame you; loyalty only goes so far when your favorite is encased in a mediocre vehicle. The episode was all about four blind dates the four stars had. White was paired off with guest star Carl Reiner, and once again, it was the old pros who perked up the tired punchlines.

The rest of the half-hour wasn’t a complete waste of time. There was a good Helen Mirren joke, and Friday Night Lights‘ D.W. Moffett (the magnificently smirky Joe McCoy) appeared as Wendie Malick’s date. (The bad news: he had a one-joke role as a guy with man-boobs. Named Chester. Yes, they wrenched a joke out of that.)

But Hot in Cleveland has settled in as a pretty ordinary sitcom, and all the charms of Betty White (and Malick’s superbly dry line deliveries) are not going to lift it much higher than that. I hope its taping schedule doesn’t prevent White from doing something better, soon.

Next week’s guest: Huey Lewis!

Tell the truth: Did you watch Hot in Cleveland this week? Is there any reason why a Betty White fan should continue to watch?